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Supermarket News Links:
Potato Messages
16 Jan 2018 at 1:51am
Potatoes are a popular vegetable. One reason is because everyone loves French fries. Another is because people think potatoes are a fattening carbohydrate to be avoided at all cost. While fad diet ideas and French fries are not going anywhere anytime soon, don't leave out an important culinary treat that is low in calories for ...[+] Potato Mess...
Kitchen and Math Lessons
14 Jan 2018 at 1:35am
The kitchen is the place to practice math. It makes math very relevant and fun for kids of all ages. They might not even know they are learning math but they sure want to make a double batch of chocolate chip cookies! Here are a few exploration ideas that work for younger ages: How do ...[+] Kitchen and Math Lessons
Apple Messages
8 Jan 2018 at 1:40am
Apples are a delicious snack - here are 4 messages you can use to top off your social media accounts and share with employees, clients, students, and patients this week: eat apples with the peel and get 2 more grams of fiber one apple weighs as much as 6 ounces of chips but only contains ...[+] Apple Messages
Add A Fancy Title To Your Meals
7 Jan 2018 at 1:43am
Here is a reason to add a little creativity to your description of fruit and vegetable dishes. Studies show, when it comes to produce, we can all use more in our diets.  According to a 2012 study published recently in JAMA, poor intake of specific fruits and vegetables was associated with over 45% of cardiometabolic ...[+] Add A Fancy Title To Y...
February 2018
4 Jan 2018 at 1:03am
It's time for the February edition of the Food and Health newsletter! Which article, chart, infographic, or recipe is perfect for your clients?

Nutrition News Links:
FDA Rule Updates
1 Jan 2018 at 1:31am
Now that the new year is here we thought we would update you on the deadlines for the nutrition label changes. There are two for labels: the one that is for menus and the other one is for food packages. Plus one for revoking the soy claim. The label requirement  for menus will be in ...[+] FDA Rule Updates
What?s On Your Plate?
12 Dec 2017 at 1:46am
With conflicting nutrition studies appearing daily in the news, it?s easy to say ?eating healthy is really difficult or too confusing?.  But, it really shouldn?t be. While people may argue over butter or margarine or corn VS olive oil, some things in nutrition have not changed that much over the years.  It is unlikely that ...[+] What’s On Your ...
January 2018
7 Dec 2017 at 1:05am
In the January edition of the members-only nutrition newsletter, it's time to focus on the tools your clients will need to get and stay well in the new year! Take a look...
Defeat Diabetes with Legumes
7 Dec 2017 at 1:00am
If you need one more reason to eat less meat and more beans, look no further.  A recent study published in Clinical Nutrition looked at data from the PREDIMED study, research of over 3,000 subjects with elevated risk for heart disease, but without type 2 diabetes. The study found that after 4 years, participants with the highest intake of legume...
December 2017
9 Nov 2017 at 1:05am
December 2017 for Premium Food and Health Communication Members: Table of Contents: Read offline PDF Research update for professionals White label newsletter (.docx) Shareable articles and handouts Graphic of the month Special member-only discounts New resources from Nutrition Education Store Read-Offline PDF: Here's the entire PDF version of th...

Recipes News Links:
Salisbury Steaks
13 Jan 2018 at 7:20pm
Cold wintery, blustery day is perfect for developing a new recipe. I took several recipes, tricks and tips I've learn through the years and came up with this one. It was a huge hit with my husband and I have to brag, me as well! Very tender and gravy that is out of this world! -- posted by CindiJ
Shrimp & Scallop Fra Diavalo
13 Jan 2018 at 10:14pm
This delicious, spicy Italian favorite will win over your guests and you'll feel like a pro chef when you make it! The recipe is a variation on the Monkfish Fra Diavalo recipe by Cooks Illustrated. Since monkfish is not readily available everywhere, I use frozen shrimp and scallops instead. Feel free to substitute equal portions of lobster or yo...
Holly's Biscotti Recipe
14 Jan 2018 at 8:09am
My friend's sister makes the best biscotti. I asked her for the recipe and was thankful she was willing to share! -- posted by Baking Bunny
Curry Chicken
14 Jan 2018 at 2:40pm
They key is to season the meat overnight so the flavors really get into the chicken. -- posted by Michelle S.
Tilapia Topped With Shrimp Imperial
14 Jan 2018 at 3:33pm
Wife and I love Tilapia, but I'm not a fan of Crab Imperial so I decided to make the imperial with shrimp. You can substitute crab for the shrimp and use this recipe too. -- posted by Shock55

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